Welcome to Growing By Faith. We enjoy eating REAL foods so we grow most of our own. We enjoy our organic pastured lamb, soy-free eggs,  soy-free poultry, strawberries, raspberries, herbs and veggies.  If we have any left over we barter or sell it to help pay the taxes on our slice of heaven. We also offer farm related activities such as horse drawn wagon rides, western whip shows and other special events. We love the outdoors and try to spend as much time there as possible.
We are glad you have stopped in for a visit! Get yourself a cup of tea, coffee, raw milk… whatever suits your fancy… relax and read through our site.  We love to visit with folks who care about life’s most important issues. To us there isn’t any thing more valuable then to engage in conversation that is helpful either educationally, emotionally, politically or most importantly spiritually.
During your visit you will get a patchwork glimpse of what we deem important. Our family goal is to be continually educating ourselves on important issues, both past and present. Studying history is so important because history is known to repeat itself.  However, also knowing current issues, helps us to  respond appropriately to current situations. Such as in the area of farming, we desire to merge some of the practices of the past with some of the currently “green” ideas of the present. For example, we are studying grass farming one of the oldest agriculture methods which is now new again :)  As we continue to study agricultural history, we hope to glean from its age old methods yet tweak them for modern use on our farm. With that goal tucked in our hearts we are in the beginning process of developing a family farm with a focus on sustainable diversity often with the use of draft animals.
Whether from our list of educational books to some good old fun with Crackin’ Chris’ whip show, you will see our love of history.  The winter months offer us additional time inside.  During this time, we often end our evening sitting in front of the fireplace reading a historical book. Many of our animals are named after people we have read about. Our children are developing trades in the lost arts such as spinning, basket weaving, timber framing etc.  As time allows we offer workshops to share what we have learned. If your visit tarries you will see that we love to learn and we love to share what we have learned!!!
Enjoy your visit by clicking the tabs at the top of this page.

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