Welcome to Growing By Faith Farm! My name is Kathy, but I am often called Mama J. Why? Well, a while back a sweet kid started calling me Mama J and then a few more joined him. I guess the name just kinda stuck.  Anyway, you can feel free to address me either way. I am the mother of seven wonderful peeps.  My brood ranges from preteens to adults. I have grand-babies too, seven to be exact! So our farmhouse is almost always filled with the general cluster of family and friends.  And now, I am blessed to have YOU stop by for a visit. I wish I could give you a big farm hug.  Since that is impossible, I will give you a warm cyberspace welcome and invite you into our neck of the woods. :)  Please get yourself a cup of tea, coffee, raw milk… or whatever suits your fancy, although preferably not soda pop! That stuff is terrible for your health and it may even send you to an early grave! Now take a sip, sit back, relax and watch our slideshow. You can pause it simply by placing your cursor over it. My son had to tell me that. I thought I would be kind and share that with you just in case you didn’t know either. :)

I hope the slideshow helped you relax and made you smile. Farm pictures often soothe the soul. That is why many folks like to visit the farm.  Whether on the farm or away, I love to visit with folks and discuss important issues. Having conversations that are helpful either educationally, politically, emotionally or most importantly spiritually are valuable to me.  I also love to be silly and laugh a lot, just ask my kids.  And of course, since I live on a farm, you will often hear me discussing homesteading topics.  Here on our organic farm, we raise pastured lamb, soy-free eggs, soy-free meat birds, rabbits, strawberries, raspberries, herbs and veggies.  If we have any organic goodies left over, we barter or sell them to help pay the taxes on our little piece of heaven. We also offer farm-related activities such as horse-drawn wagon rides, western whip shows and homesteading workshops. For your enjoyment, my son Alex created the farm video below.

          During your cyber visit, you will get a patchwork glimpse of what we deem important. Our family goal is to be continually educating ourselves on important issues, both past and present. Studying history is so important because history is known to repeat itself.  However, knowing current issues as well, helps us to respond appropriately to present-day situations.  In the area of farming, we desire to merge some of the practices of the past with some of the currently “green” ideas of today. For example, we are studying grass-farming one of the oldest agriculture methods which is now new again :)  As we continue to study agricultural history, we hope to glean from its age-old methods, yet tweak them slightly for modern use. With that goal tucked in our hearts we are in the process of developing a family farm with a focus on sustainable diversity.

           The homestead keeps us incredibly busy from spring to fall.  Winter gives us additional time inside.  On a typical winter’s night, you will find us in front of the fireplace munching on buttered popcorn and engulfed in a novel. We enjoy family reading time.  However, the reader is not the most treasured position.  Who wants to read while everyone else is eating popcorn? We love BUTTERED popcorn as much as we love historical novels! Many of our animals are named after people we have read about. We have Martha Washington, Clara Barton, Lewis and Clark, and even Sacagawea. Our children are developing trades in the lost arts, such as spinning, basket weaving, timber framing, etc.  As time allows we offer workshops to share what we have learned. Sharing is important to us; that is why we started a homesteading blog. However I must confess, that I am the only one blogging thus far.  I usually do that very late at night because my days are filled to the brim with beautiful, busy, homesteading chaos! Oh, I have some great farm stories to tell you too. If only I could find the time and energy to put my fingers to work on the keyboard. I have penned a few stories on our farm blog and I hope to be adding more.  So if your cup isn’t yet empty and you have a few more minutes to visit, click on over to my blog or check out the other tabs at the top of this page. I hope visiting here has in some small, special way touched your soul! And in case no one has told you lately, I will tell you now. You are special because you are unique. No one shares your fingerprints! They only belong to you! You are a rare, beautiful treasure in the sight of your Creator.  I feel privileged to have had you stop by.
Thank you for your time!
In His love,
Mama J
Oh, I almost forgot! I hate one-sided conversations, so please feel free to leave a comment or two. I would love to hear from you!