Photos from our Wild Edible Walk Event

Thanks to Rowena, our wild edible plant walk on the farm was so educational. She did a great job showing us all the free food we have growing on our farm. She also explained their medicinal purposes! Everyone got to sample some of the plants picked. I got to try my first Burdock root! IMGA0095In times like these, when organic food and medical intervention are expensive, it is great to know what you have growing ‘for free’ on your property. I kept busy serving homemade raspberry and chamomile ice tea. IMGA0081It was fun to meet everyone. There were several from out of state. I was also really encouraged to see teens attending! I sure wish I would have learned what was growing out in my backyard when I was a teen! I limited the class to 20 attendees so that everyone could easily see and hear Rowena. The class filled up quickly! 20150710_195252_HDRSeveral folks took home some plant clippings. Some even dared the mosquitoes and picked from our raspberry patch. If you are interested in attending any future walks, simply contact us. We will contact you when we schedule our next walk. Enjoy the photos!20150710_194954_HDR


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