Raspberry Harvest Fun!

20150705_221555_HDR~2  In my post, Five Reason Why I Love Homesteading, I shared the benefits of raspberry tea. Making raspberry tea is so simple. All you need is raspberry leaves and very hot water. :) You simply pour very hot water over either fresh or dried leaves, then cover and steep for at least 3 minutes. I prefer 5 to 8 minutes. As I said in my previous post, I really like raspberry tea because of all the great health benefits it offers. That is why I dehydrate so much! 20150625_123339_HDR However, I do not recall mentioning that I really enjoy the taste and smell. Sometimes I add fresh berries along with the leaves. Oh, that is the best! 20150630_180104_HDR  At night or when I am feeling rushed, I add fresh chamomile with the raspberry leaves to help calm me down. I am having a wild edible plant walk this Friday on the farm. I think I will brew some  tea for that and use raspberry leaves for the base. We will have it over ice because it will be a warm evening.  Oh, and I almost forgot the reason I started writing this post. In addition to its great nutritional value and great taste, the leaves also offer us great harvesting memories!20150622_154839 20150622_154856 Thus the reason for posting these pictures in the first place: I love seeing my children enjoy life. It is wonderful to watch them laugh, sing, and simply goof around while they are busy at work harvesting. Thank you God for my raspberry tea, the smiles upon my children’s faces, and their dedication to our homestead. I am truly blessed! :)20150622_154938


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