Everyone Wants Jerky!

Jerky, Jerky, everyone around here wants me to make more jerky! The first time I made jerky, I had to stay up late all by myself cutting strips of beef. However, after they tried my first batch, making jerky is now longer a solo project. Presently, I get help from just about everyone in the family.  Once it is dehydrated, I have to hand it out to the family on a ration basis or it will be gone in one day!  I am so thrilled that they love it because it is so good for them. Since it literally goes like candy around here, we have a rule that they can only eat it when they need a quick and easy protein source. So when I have some in the cupboard, they will gladly grab some while rushing out the door. It makes me feel great to know that they are heading out the door into the world of high fructose corn syrup with a great source of natural protein that will help their body say no to those sugar cravings we all get when out on the road. It is so easy to do, just a bit time consuming if you do it alone. Last night I marinated it with an organic tomato sauce. Then tonight I placed it on the screens of my electric dehydrator and it should be done by noon tomorrow. You will find my recipe on my forthcoming recipe page. If you haven’t yet made jerky, quit being a jerk about it and make some! OK, that was lame. But really, you should try making some. I think you will really enjoy having fresh jerky to grab when you are on the go.

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