PhotoChicken Tractor and Poultry Processing Workshop  Saturday,  April 30th 

Chicken Tractor and Poultry Processing Workshop is presented by Baker’s Green Acres and Growing By Faith. This is a hands-on workshop that starts at 9 am with the students building a chicken tractor. After the lunch break, students will be instructed on how to process meat birds. Each student will process two to three birds under the supervision of Mark Baker, who is a commercial poultry processor. He raises thousands of Cornish Crosses, while, Kathy typically raise 300 soy-free Freedom Rangers. This combination offers the students to see different perspectives in regards to raising poultry. Come get the experience you need to raise your own meat birds or start your own poultry farm business. Full day workshop is $100. Limited enrollment. Call, text or email for reservations.

Upcoming events and workshops that we offer:

Bow Drill Class: Saturday, October 24 2015  from 3-6 pm.

Did you ever wonder how rubbing two sticks together could possibly start a fire?  In this class we will learn the ancient technique of starting a fire using a bow drill.  Participants will carve their own bow drill kits.  This class is recommended for people 12 and older.  Limit 8 participants.  Please bring a fixed-blade carving knife with a 3-6”-long blade.Class $20 plus a $5 materials fee; Total class fee $25 


Herbal Medicinal Preparations: Monday, 8/31 2015  from 6-8 pm 

This is a sampler class of different herbal medicinal preparations: infusion, decoction, tincture, medicinal oil, salve, compress.  Participants will experience all stages of each preparation and will take home their own medicinal tincture, medicinal oil, and salve.  Much plant lore will be shared!

This class is recommended for people 12 and older.  Limit 16 participants.

Class fee $22 plus $8 materials (Instructors: Rowena Conahan and Kathy Johnson)


Introduction to Basket weaving (call for date) 517-851-3832

In this introductory class, each participant will make their own twined cattail basket.  We’ll learn how to identify, harvest, prepare and store cattails for weaving, and discuss the history of cattails as a weaving material in our region.  This class is recommended for ages 12 and older.  Limit 8 participants. Class fee $26 plus $4 materials fee (Instructor: Rowena Conahan)

Crackin’ Chris’ Wild Whip Show:

 Come experience real live western entertainment. Be amazed as Crackin’ Chris performs dangerous whip cracking stunts. Call to set up date.

Kids Art Class on the farm

Approximately 2 hours long. Each class will focus on a farm related topic and a specific art style such as water colors, sketching with pencil, crafting etc. (Class instructor: Kathy Johnson)

Science on the Farm:

We offer several different Science classes on our farm. Each class will be taught using hands-on approach with a homesteading focus. (Class instructor: Kathy Johnson)

Basic Bread and Butter making Class: 

Enjoy baking with others from our area who want to learn how to make that perfect loaf.  You will get to mix the ingredients, knead the dough, and discuss both bread and homesteading topics. And of course you will be able to taste the finished product with the butter you have just made!  While the bread is rising and baking I will start you on making butter and introduce you to the different types of grains for bread making. We will discuss the pros and cons of the different styles of grinders on the market and much more. (Class instructor: Kathy Johnson)

Edible Plant Walk:

Take a 90 minute guided tour around our homestead while the instructor explains how to identify wild edibles. You will be able to sample plants while she explains how to harvest and cook these wild edibles. Plus you will be introduced to their medicinal properties as well.  After walking with Rowena, you may go home and be pleasantly surprised to find that you have a storehouse of wild beneficial plants in your own backyard! The cost is $10 a person. To make the walk more enjoyable and beneficial to the attendees, we only accept 20 people. (Instructor: Rowena Conahan)  Class fee $10

Homesteading basics:

Introductory level on many homesteading topics from knowing what to look for when purchasing land to breadmaking, growing and using medicinal herbs, raising both layers and meat birds, keeping a family cow and many other basic homesteading skills (Class instructor: Kathy Johnson)

Deer hide Tanning:

This is a hands-on learning class. typically you will need to visit the farm for three separate classes as the hide will need to cure. (Class instructor: Rowena Conahan)

Schedule a photo shoot: 

Call us to schedule a photo shoot on our farm. We have lots of flowers, barns, wagons, a pasture and pond for the perfect background. (517-851-3832)

Upcoming classes:

Raising pastured poultry:

Homestead Poultry Processing:

Homestead dairy management:

Raising animals for fiber:

Raising meat rabbits:



  1. Sarah Baldwin says:

    Congratulations on your successful farming business. Should you be interested in expanding …. I am an owner (with my brother) of 150 acres in Stockbridge – this property is off Catholic Church Road and portions may be used for growing. Just connect with me if you have questions, or interest in expansion. Best of luck to you with this noble and important work. We are familiar with leasing.
    Sarah Baldwin
    Illinois based

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