Nature Walk Event Friday July 10th

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk on our Farm! (only a few openings left call 517.960.6486)

Friday July 10th starting at 7:00 p.m., ends approximately at 8:30.
Join us as we walk with Rowena Conahan around our farmhouse, through our beautiful pasture and pond area identifying wild edibles and medicinal plants. She will discuss how to safely identify, harvest, store and prepare plants.  After walking with Rowena, you may go home and be pleasantly surprised to find that you have a storehouse of wild beneficial plants in your own backyard! Rowena Conahan is a certified Montessori teacher, with background as a homeschool parent and as assistant in a Waldorf-based forest kindergarten.  She has attended Tom Brown’s Tracker School in New Jersey, Wilderness Awareness School’s Art of Mentoring, and Kamana Naturalist Training program.  She is also a founder of Nature Learning Community, where she teaches nature connection and outdoors skills classes for people of all ages, and consults with educators seeking to increase outdoors experience for their students.

The cost is $10 per person. To make the walk more enjoyable and beneficial to the attendees, we will only accept 20 people. You must call or text to place your reservation. 517-960-6486

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Our First Two Little Chicks

Our first two little chicks are all dry and fluffy now! Chicks must be kept in a draft free place with a consistent temperature of 90 to 95 degrees. Heat lamps bought at your local farm store work great. As the chicks mature the heat is reduced. Learn more about the proper care of these adorable fluff balls here.



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Hatching Time!

This year’s video disappeared. I probably deleted it :(  My new smart phone and I are not quite friends yet. I decided to post last year’s video so that at least you could see what we get to experience. It was especially exciting last year because a chick hatched out on Easter Morning! Therefore, the little chick earned the name Easter!  Oh the miracle of life, it is always a thrilling sight to behold!

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Now we wait for 21 days.

incubating heritage eggs

incubating heritage eggs

If all goes well, we will have cute little peeps in about 3 weeks. Every spring since we moved to the farm we have incubated chicken eggs. That is how I started raising our rare heritage breeds. I purchased fertile eggs from Texas and hatched them out. Now that I have a nice flock of my own I incubate the eggs from our own hens.  I was planning on skipping this year because we are so busy but I just could not resist. It is always neat to watch them hatch out but it does add another tasks to my to-do list.  I would encourage everyone to try this at least once. It really is so cool to watch them hatch out. Click here to read a great article that explains the steps involved in incubating chicken eggs. There are several types of incubators for sale that you can choose from. You could even make one! The most important thing is keeping the eggs at a consistent temperature, correct humidity and of course using fertilized eggs. :)  In a few days I will check for fertility and share with you how that is done. If you would like free updates sent directly to you simply click below


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Spring Lambs



One of Chris’ favorite events of spring is the arrival of our lambs. Here Chris is showing one of the lambs to our special visitor, Sue. Lambing time on our farm is always exciting.









They are so precious! Victoria is holding one in our kitchen that needed to be warmed up. I believe it has become a tradition at our farm to bring at least one lamb into the house to enjoy. They are so soft and so cuddly!


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We raise rare heritage hens along with a few beautiful roosters. Recently research explains that soy appears to have negative effects on our bodies, so we do not feed our chickens soy.  We mix and grind our feed right here on the farm so it can be as fresh as possible. We use only certified organic grains.  Like the Europeans, we do not wash the protective bloom off our eggs. The bloom helps to seal in the eggs nutrients and also keep germs out. You simply rinse before using.  Our chickens have a very large coop and free access to a very natural habitat where they can run around our fruit trees scratching the organic cover crops, mulches and compost. We try our best to see that each customer is receiving fresh eggs that were laid very close to their delivery date. Often folks receive eggs which were laid the day before or even on the same day!      2013-11-09 10.12.04

We have a limited supply. To increase your chances of getting our fresh eggs sign up for a designated delivery day. Contact us at




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We have a new addition to our library

51QmYgfrSsLLast year I started a library page on our website. Now that winter is here I am inside more and can take the time to add to it. I am eager to add this book because it has a special family memory lovingly attached to it.

The Little Girl  is an unique story about  an Asian bachelor who adopts an abandoned baby girl and experiences the joys and challenges of fatherhood. In 1979, China adopted the One Child Policy. Most often little China girls are aborted or abandoned. This tender story shows the importance of the Father – Daughter relationship and the special love that grows between them. It also quietly shows God’s faithful love surrounding them both as they age together.

My husband gave this book to our daughter while on a special lunch date with her.  After returning home they read the book together.  I would encourage fathers to do something similar with their daughters. My daughter loved the story and enjoyed the beautiful watercolor paintings.  I would also like to add that the author Phil Wong  plans on using the proceeds from the book towards printing a translation in Chinese. He hopes to distribute it there and that it would help change the One Child Policy which favors male babies. Last time I checked at Amazon it was only $10.00. I think it would make a nice Christmas gift.

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Sunflower Invasion!

We raise our own sunflowers for our animals. IMG_20140913_113448976                    Harvesting them isn’t easy. It is a lot of work to hand-harvest so many sunflowers!IMG_20141025_121349863 Plus harvesting time is really tricky. They need to be harvested between the rainy days and before the birds get to them!  Why do we do it? Well, it is a lot cheaper than purchasing them. Plus, we know for sure that they are truly organic.IMG_20141016_110135615 Our chickens, cows, sheep and horses really enjoy them. We eat a few too!  Oh, I almost forgot another reason why we raise them.                                They are beautiful when in full bloom!IMG_20141010_043910

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Eating organic tastes so sweet!

Eating organic tastes so sweet!  I have a great helper when it comes to harvesting corn. :) IMG_20141005_162538898The only thing that freaks her out a bit is finding a worm at the tip of a cob.   An occasional worm is to be expected when you do not use any sprays.IMG_20141005_162246811 Even though it was  late in the season these cobs still tasted so sweet and juicy. We ate some on the way back to the house! To serve them for dinner,  we place them in a shallow pan of hot water, put the lid on and steam just enough to get them hot (about a minute on each side).


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Pumpkin Suggestion Needed!

IMG_20141014_122812817Fall is one of my favorite times on the farm. What a blessing it is to be able to raise most of our food right here on our little farm. This year harvesting the pumpkins is such fun because we decided to get creative. We have several pumpkin people to choose from, plus naturally fall decorated as well. Some even glow in the dark! And of course, we have plain pumpkins. We will even custom paint one for you. Pumpkins sell from $.60 to $7.00. Most of the pumpkins are $4.00.  Mrs. Pumpkin is  sad because we do not know what to paint on our ex-large uniquely shaped pumpkin. Victoria is hugging it :)    SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!IMG_20141013_193321534IMG_20141014_143352895

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